Friday, July 1, 2011


Hello, my name is Kendall! I am a teenager, excited to finally be the owner of two beautiful does. See them up there to the right? This is their mom, and here's their sire! They come from two gorgeous angoras! I still have six days left until I can go pick them up, but I have already learned so much from getting everything ready for them here. We named the lilac doe London, because London is usually foggy and grey. We named the tort doe Tuscany, because (I cant say this without sounding silly) the color tan always reminds me of Italy.

I have bought them from a wonderful breeder. (Her website) She has answered all of my many questions and has been really patient with me. Being new to any kind of rabbit, I was kind of nervous about it- but after talking with her, I feel prepared now! All of her rabbits are so pretty, and I know that she takes very good care of them.

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